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SUHO wins leadership and influence category at CNA Awards

NOVEMBER 2019.  Sustainability House (SUHO) were recognised at the 2019 Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards for the leadership and influence shown in their construction of a 10-star display home. 

SUHO’s ten-star home, according to the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS)-rated home, currently being constructed in Woodforde in the Adelaide Hills. It is designed to increase understanding of the relationship between human, house and environment and influence the building of more climate-friendly homes of the future.

 This is South Australia’ first ten-star home, designed to need only 3MJ/m2 of annual heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable temperature inside. The home uses a lightweight timber reverse brick veneer construction, triple-glazed windows, insulation under roof, ceiling and walls, and incorporates cross-flow ventilation, passive solar design, automation and all-electric appliances to maximise efficiency.

 The home has had air infiltration testing and energy consumption monitoring that generate data to be provided back to industry, government and researchers. Information captured by ABB technology platforms, predictive information from ‘Hubble’ and SUHO’s ‘Roborater’ will be sent to the CSIRO. Over time, the information gathered during heat waves and other extreme events is expected to improve modelling and design, and influence construction approaches tailored to the Adelaide climatic zone.

A solar photovoltaic system and battery storage, heat-pump hot water service, LED lighting, electric car charger and a heat recovery ventilation system combine to make the home comfortable, efficient and effectively sealed from the elements.

Through this project, SUHO is demonstrating ecologically sustainable and adaptive building practice by opening the home to the community, students and construction industry.

Ruth Nordstrum and Courtney Bain have stated in their work that “A human centred approach assists in justifying ‘goodness’ for mental health; the result of paying attention to what is important and not just the quantifiable. Our strategy is to provide inclusive environments to demonstrate how design can foster social commitment to an ecologically sustainable future.” 

Other finalists in the Leadership and Influence Category were

  • Downer EDI Works - Reducing carbon emissions from asphalt manufacturing with a recycled road
  • Christie Walk - Two decades of inspirational low-carbon living for residents and visitors
  • Finsbury Green  - Leading sustainable environmental practice across the Australian print industry 

“Our strategy is to provide inclusive environments to demonstrate how design can foster social commitment to an ecologically sustainable future.”

Bain & Nordstrum, 2019