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Reduced cost makes solar add up for City resident

City of Adelaide resident Paquita is a committed advocate for green energy. 

She had previously confined herself to buying as much renewable energy as possible through her electricity provider. Solar power seemed a great concept, but not really practical given that her electricity use did not reflect when it was being produced.

The arrival of battery technology changed the picture, and a $5,000 Sustainability Incentives rebate helped make the numbers add up, given the substantial reduction in electricity bills.

“The Council wrote to us encouraging us to install solar panels and the grant means I am essentially getting the battery for free, which is great,” she said. “It allows me to get full benefit from the solar panels I’ve installed and it really adds value to the house.”

Paquita installed a 4.95kW solar system in her city townhouse and, she says, it “works like a charm”. The panels are barely visible though they cover both sides of her roof, which faces east-west, and the battery sits discreetly on her upstairs balcony.

“The technology has improved so much in recent years, the cost of a system has fallen dramatically and the battery makes it all feasible,” she said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

Using renewable energy means city residents can contribute to making Adelaide carbon neutral.

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