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Solar saves money and changes thinking for City residents

Adding battery storage to their solar system has made quite a difference for City of Adelaide residents Marjon and Greg. They not only increased the number of panels on their city home from six to 16, they started looking more strategically at how and when they use electricity.

“What we find most interesting is understanding our own habits and working out how much we will change to get the most efficient use of our solar panels and battery system,” Marjon said.

Marjon and Greg were approached by AllGrid Energy to be the first home in Adelaide to use its hybrid 10kW/h system and jumped at the chance. They purchased the storage battery using a Sustainability Incentives Scheme grant, and the impact has been significant.

“We have been delighted as the additional energy we put into the grid during our last billing period equated to planting seven trees; plus we received a small payment,” Marjon said. “The eight cent rebate covered the usage and supply charges, including Green Energy choice.”

Marjon and Greg are very committed to living sustainably, playing their part in making Adelaide carbon neutral. With Council assistance they have plumbed tank water into their house and over the past five years have also installed LED lights and better roof insulation, double glazed the windows and added a verandah for shade.

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