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Rebate makes LED lights attractive for Duc Mai Lawyers

Adelaide law firm Duc Mai Lawyers are reducing their carbon emissions, converting the 16 lights in their Carrington Street office from halogen downlights to LED.

A $480 contribution from the Sustainability Incentives Scheme helped knock more than a quarter off the out-of-pocket expenses, meaning the cost will be recouped even more quickly.

“It’s still early days but from looking at our bills I think we’re saving about $2 a day, which I guess over the course of a year adds up to a few hundred dollars,” Office Manager Patricia Mai said. “It’s an older building and the halogen lights were using quite a lot of energy. We have them on all day, particularly in winter when it can get quite dark.”

The installation cost was pushed up by the amount of cable needed in the old two-storey building, but Patricia and her colleagues are more than happy with the result.

“Actually getting the rebate was really straight forward,” she said. “We just had to show the electrician’s receipts and then it only took a few weeks”.

Under the Sustainability Incentives Scheme, 30% up to $1000 is available for converting halogen downlights to LED downlights.

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