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Adelaideans' low carbon lifestyle captured on film

Community members Nick and Jamie won the Low Carbon Lifestyle category at the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards 2019. 

NOVEMBER 2019. Jamie and Nick live in suburban Adelaide, often visiting the city and making use of the electric vehicle charging stations. In 2019 Jamie and Nick released a documentary, Treading Lightly, which explores a year of their personal journey of measuring and reducing their impact on the planet, by having a carbon accountant evaluate their household emissions. Treading Lightly screened to three sold out audiences, and Jamie and Nick have continued to receive feedback that many viewers have actively changed their lifestyles as a result of seeing the film. 

At home, Jamie and Nick reduce household emissions through double-glazed windows, LED lighting, converting their high-energy pool into a low-energy pond, rainwater catchments and wicking beds to grow their own foods, composting and more. Jamie and Nick have also adopted and care for a 1-hectare revegetation site, to balance their carbon impact.

Other finalists are showing what the new normal will be as we all adopt lower carbon lifestyles in Adelaide. 

Keith and Lin are a retired couple living in North Adelaide who have endeavoured to significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Last year, they installed a solar system with battery storage and triple glazing for thermal performance. Prior to this, they added 6,000 litres of rainwater storage tanks to the house, significantly reducing mains water demand. Their 7.4kW solar system covers nearly all household use, reducing emissions from electricity to nearly zero, and the household are actively reducing their use of plastics and improving recycling consumption. Keith and Lin are active in the community, members of several sporting clubs and choose local for restaurants and entertainment.

John and Sheila have downsized to a smaller home in the City of Adelaide, where they have significantly reduced their household and transport costs by living a low carbon lifestyle. The couple have changed out 34 downlights to LED, use gas hot water, lowered use of air conditioning, and rely on shading and awnings to control temperatures. They have a low maintenance garden and operate a three-bin system to cut waste to landfill.