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Free Resources for Running Sustainable Events

1 October, 2020.

Adelaide has long been recognised as one of the world’s great festival cities; hosting over 800 events every year.

The City of Adelaide has created a kit of sustainability resources to assist event organisers to make positive changes. These build on the Sustainable Events Guidelines, and include: 

  • Easy checklists for action on waste, water, energy, transport.
  • Tips for community-run or commercial events.
  • Templates for: 
    • waste management planning
    • waste contracting
    • education and communication with vendors
    • stallholder clauses 
    • communications with 
    • media announcements. 
  • A compostable packaging suppliers list.
  • Downloadable ‘straw free’ posters.
  • Case studies of leading sustainable events.

Sustainable events can reduce litter, reduce waste sent to landfill and conserve water and energy. All of these actions contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Adelaide’s much-loved events, big and small, play an important role in demonstrating good practice to hundreds of thousands of participants.   

If you are booking an event in the Adelaide Park Lands and would like to pursue sustainability options, please contact City of Adelaide customer service on 8203 7203 to speak to an event facilitator.  See more about the City of Adelaide event facilitation process.