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You can reduce food waste – find out how at our new interactive digital display.

An interactive digital display has opened in the Adelaide Central Markets as a fun way to learn how you can reduce food waste.

You can meet and interact with the digital characters Milk, Bread, Banana, Eggplant and Lamb Chop to learn where they came from, how they were produced and why they often get wasted. 

“Food waste is such an important issue for our community and for the environment. It’s great to see this display helping people understand why food waste matters and what they can do about it,” said OzHarvest State Manager Hayley Everuss.

Waste to landfill contributes 5% of the total carbon emissions in the City of Adelaide. Food waste also costs you money – the average Australian family throws out 20% of the food they purchase, worth about $1000 each year. So reducing your food waste is a practical way you can save money and play your part in making Adelaide carbon neutral.

“About 20 per cent of the food purchased across Australia is wasted. By learning how we can reduce this we can not only become more environmentally sustainable but can also help save money,” said Minister for Climate Change Ian Hunter.

“Council believes that educating people about food waste and the lifecycle of different food items helps the city in our goal to be known as smart, green, liveable and creative. The digital installation is timely given that the ABC are running a television series on this very subject ‘The War on Waste’ and we encourage everyone to come to our wonderful Adelaide Central Market to learn more,” said City of Adelaide Deputy Lord Mayor Megan Hender.

The General Story is a free display that will be open during normal Adelaide Central Market trading hours. It is delivered as part of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide initiative and is a collaboration between the Smart City Studio, OzHarvest, the Central Market Authority and Carbon Neutral Adelaide. 

View a video of The General Story display.

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