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Join our community and play your part to show the world that Adelaide is a hub for clean, green industry, tourism and business!

Our pursuit of carbon neutrality will reinforce our leadership as a test bed for innovation, attracting investment to the city and the state and creating opportunities for local business and entrepreneurial endeavor.

We have a dynamic, committed community, with many businesses already leveraging numerous benefits and commercial opportunities from our global leadership in sustainability.

Our approach is balanced and practical with a view to deliver jobs and opportunities for innovation for the City of Adelaide and all South Australians.

Together, we will make Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

What is the commitment?

Your organisation commits to actively contribute to our community’s shared aspiration for the City of Adelaide to be the world’s first carbon neutral city.

Become a Founding Partner

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program will celebrate all areas of community leadership.

Founding Partners will be recognised for their contribution and commitment to our community’s shared aspiration to make the City of Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city.

Together we will showcase your organisation’s capacity to embrace the economic, social and environmental advantages of technological change, sustainable business practices, high performance work environments and entrepreneurial endeavour.

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Founding Partners will inspire others to follow.

To become a Founding Partner please contact us or download the Founding Partner Prospectus for more information.

“The University has pledged its commitment to making a contribution to the long-term sustainability of our state.”
Bruce Lines, University of Adelaide Chief Operating Officer

Bruce Lines

University of Adelaide Chief Operating Officer

Who’s already playing their part?

Many organisations and individuals are already committed and contributed to making Adelaide the world’s first carbon neutral city. By joining the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnership Program, they have demonstrated their leadership to a low carbon future.

The momentum is building! 40 organisations have already committed to play their part! Find out more.

Schneider Banner

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in their own operations by 2030.

Read more about Schneider Electric

Uniting Communities

Uniting Communities are the first charity and SA organisation to go carbon neutral, reducing their carbon emissions by 34% in the past 5 years and saving $1 million to invest in their valuable community programs.

Find out more about Uniting Communities.
Rundle Banner

City of Adelaide

The City of Adelaide and the State Government have a shared aspiration for our city to be the first in the world to be carbon neutral.

What is Carbon Neutral Adelaide?
Dewnr Case

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources

The South Australian Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) are helping make Adelaide carbon neutral with the environmentally sustainable design of their new CBD office.

Environmentally sustainable design for SA's environment department's CBD building
Dsquared Banner


dsquared are committed to sustainability in their own office, and in delivering innovative, sustainable solutions for the built environment.

Find out more about dsquared
Cminus Banner


Cminus are focused on carbon reduction in the built environment and property industry, and the economic and wellbeing benefits it can bring to communities.

Find out more about Cminus
Goodhouse Architecture Banner

Goodhouse Architecture

Goodhouse Architecture aims to deliver affordable and sustainable carbon neutral homes.

Find out more about Goodhouse Architecture
Kesab Banner

KESAB environmental solutions

KESAB environmental solutions are playing their part in Carbon Neutral Adelaide through their focus on building community capacity in sustainability.

Find out more about KESAB environmental solutions
Pangolin Associates Case

Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd are a national carbon and energy management consultancy that work with organisations throughout Australia.

Find out more about Pangolin Associates.
mycar Case


myCar are working with government to establish an innovative electric vehicle service using Adelaide as a test-bed and research centre.

Find out more about myCar.
Australian Clean Tech Case

Australian CleanTech

Australian CleanTech are focused on enabling the growth of the low carbon economy.

Find out more about Australian CleanTech.
Sustainable Business Consultants Case

Sustainable Business Consultants

Sustainable Business Consultants are leading consultants in sustainable business and carbon management.

Find out more about Sustainable Business Consultants.
SA Police Case

South Australia Police

South Australia Police strongly support the ideal of a sustainable future for all South Australians.

Find out more about South Australia Police.
Your Nursing Agency Case

Your Nursing Agency

Your Nursing Agency have committed to play their part in Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Find out more about Your Nursing Agency.
Mott MacDonald Case

Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald pride themselves in delivering significant carbon and cost savings through better design, delivery and operations of the built environment and infrastructure projects they work on in Adelaide.

Find out more about Mott MacDonald.
Corena Case


CORENA help non-profit community organisations who want to reduce their carbon footprint but lack the expertise and up-front capital to do so.

Find out more about CORENA.
Cundall Case


Cundall are committed to a carbon neutral future and were the first consultants to be endorsed globally as a One Planet Company

Find out more about Cundall.
Alternative Technology Association Case

Alternative Technology Association

The Alternative Technology Association are a not-for-profit organisation that enable, represent and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

Find out more about the Alternative Technology Association.
Lifecycles Case


Lifecycles are specialists in lifecycle assessment, so being part of Adelaide’s efforts to go carbon neutral is a natural fit.

Find out more about Lifecycles.
Finsbury Case

Finsbury Green

Finsbury Green are a green printer, print manager and logistics provider and remain one of Australia's only independently audited and manufactured carbon neutral print groups.

Find out more about Finsbury Green.
Seed Case

Seed Consulting

Seed Consulting Services are a national sustainability services firm.

Find out more about Seed Consulting.
Iclei Case

ICLEI Oceania: local governments for sustainability

ICLEI Oceania: local governments for sustainability are part of the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy that are supporting large and small cities to commit to climate action.

Find out more about ICLEI Oceania.
Wallmans Lawyers Case

Wallmans Lawyers

Wallmans Lawyers' support of Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a natural extension of their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Find out more about Wallmans Lawyers.
Knight Frank

Knight Frank

Knight Frank collaborate with their employees, service providers and clients to achieve their commitment to sustainability and the long term protection of the environment.

Find out more about Knight Frank.
Property Council

Property Council of Australia (SA)

The Property Council are a leader in making the case for sustainable development that helps attract capital.

Find out more about Property Council of Australia (SA).

ZEN Energy

ZEN Energy provide solar and energy storage solutions to homes, businesses, communities, townships and councils across Australia.

Find out more about ZEN Energy.
Oz Harvest


OzHarvest are committed to reducing carbon emissions by diverting surplus food from landfill and delivering it to charitable agencies who feed people in need.

Find out more about OzHarvest.
Doctors For Enviroment Photo1

Doctors for the Environment Australia

Doctors for the Environment Australia advocate for climate action because for healthy people, we need a healthy planet.

Find out more about Doctors for the Environment Australia.
Energie Australia

ENERGIE Australia

ENERGIE Australia is dedicated to sourcing and supplying the best current and emerging renewable energy technologies to constantly provide clients with ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Find out more about ENERGIE Australia.
Go Get


GoGet’s car share service operates using fuel efficient, modern vehicles including plug in hybrids.

Find out more about GoGet.
100 Renewables

100% Renewables for SA

100% Renewables for SA’s core goal is for SA to become 100% powered by renewable energy.

Find out more about 100% Renewables for SA
The Solar Project

The Solar Project

The Solar Project’s core goal is to reduce carbon emissions in South Australia and beyond.

Find out more about The Solar Project.
Balance Carbon

Balance Carbon

Balance Carbon helps many of Australia’s leading corporations by providing audit and advisory services during a time of emerging and dynamic policy, standards and legislation.

Find out more about Balance Carbon.
South Pole Group

South Pole Group

The South Pole Group helps clients to find long-term value through sustainability related activities, drawing on years of experience and global expertise in sustainability.

Find out more about the South Pole Group.
Tandem Energy

Tandem Energy

Tandem Energy creates positive change within businesses and communities by providing advice and implementing practical, cost-effective sustainable business practices.

Find out more about Tandem Energy.
Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox

Fuji Xerox Australia has a long-standing commitment to sustainable development environmentally, socially and economically.

Find out more about Fuji Xerox.

MAC Energy Efficiency Group

MAC Energy Efficiency Group provides training, mentoring and field auditing services for businesses involved in the energy efficiency certificate schemes.

Find out more about MAC Energy Efficiency Group.
Culshaw Group Case

The Culshaw Group of Companies

The Culshaw Group of Companies believes that Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a long awaited initiative because of the risk of climate change impacts.

Find out more about The Culshaw Group of Companies.
Timelapse Case

Timelapse Adelaide

Timelapse Adelaide values operating with complete carbon neutrality as the right way to run a business and that feels right by the planet.

Find out more about Timelapse Adelaide.
Uni Sa Research Node Case

The University of South Australia Research Node for Low Carbon Living

The University of South Australia’s Research Node for Low Carbon Living is committed to carbon emission reduction and encourages local action in many ways.

Find out more about the Research Node for Low Carbon Living.
Eco Caddy Case


EcoCaddy is a South Australian company providing eco-friendly transport services in Adelaide.

Find out more about EcoCaddy.
University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is proud to be the first founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

Find out more about The University of Adelaide.
Sol Energy Case

Sol Energy

Sol Energy helps clients to reduce their carbon footprints by understanding the economic drivers, risks and opportunities to reduce energy consumption for individuals and organisations.

Find out more about Sol Energy.
Thomson Rossi Case

Thomson Rossi

Thomson Rossi is committed to the principle of Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) and actively pursues opportunities to deliver buildings at the cutting edge of sustainable design.

Find out more about Thomson Rossi.
Greening Australia Case

Greening Australia

Greening Australia’s core business is growing and planting hundreds of thousands of trees each year in South Australia that offset current and future carbon emissions.

Find out more about Greening Australia.
Suntrix Case


Suntrix offers the complete design, installation and servicing for rooftop solar PV systems across Australia for homes and businesses.

Find out more about Suntrix.
Rundle Banner


Siemens is a global integrated technology company committed to a sustainable future.

Find out more about Siemens.
Glaciem Case

Glaciem Cooling

Glaciem Cooling’s range of environmentally sustainable refrigeration solutions tackle issues that contribute to climate change.

Find out more about Glaciem Cooling.
Adelaide Sustainable Building Network Case

Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network believes that a carbon neutral future is a critical part of creating sustainable cities.

Find out more about the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network.
Fulton Hogan Case

Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan works in partnership to develop and deliver innovative solutions that reduce both environmental impacts and the carbon footprint.

Find out more about Fulton Hogan.
Azzo Case


AZZO provides clients with customised energy management solutions to meet their unique operational and budgetary requirements.

Find out more about AZZO.
Solar Sorage Australia Case

Solar Storage Australia

Solar Storage Australia works with energy consumers across Australia to provide renewable energy solutions and help communities reduce their carbon footprint.

Find out more about Solar Storage Australia.
Trees For Life Case

Trees For Life

Trees For Life is a community based organisation focused on nature conservation and restoration.

Find out more about Trees For Life.