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Battery electric land cruiser developed in Adelaide recognised for under-ground ready potential

30 November 2021

ZERO Automotive has created an Australian-built, solar chargeable, underground-ready, battery electric light vehicle (bELV) to equip mining companies in their journey to zero emissions and has taken out the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Award for Low Carbon Transport, 2021.

ZERO Automotive has supplied six battery electric light vehicles to the mining industry in Australia. Each vehicle will eliminate around 20 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Innovation behind these electric vehicles includes the introduction of Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO) batteries, and the introduction of a variable regeneration feature that allows for the vehicle to hold speed without using mechanical brakes, reducing the risk of brake failure and wear. ZERO Automotive has also cleverly reduced the cost of their electric vehicles by modularising the electric drive train components so they are decoupled from the chassis/body. When the latter wears out it can be replaced by transferring the electric drive train, which can bring the cost of the total system under that of the diesel equivalent.

“We believe in doing better for our future. That future involves making better decisions for our environment.”

David Mitchell

Founder and Managing Director, Zero Automotive

Austmine With Zed70 Ti

Category Finalist, Neuron Mobility, is a leading shared e-scooter company and micromobility technology developer offering the people of Adelaide a virtually emission-free way to move about the city. Striving to limit their environmental footprint, Neuron Mobility uses carbon neutral electricity, responsibly recycles their retired devices and batteries through EcoCycle, and optimises their operational routes. Their e-scooters are fully modular, allowing them to repair or replace individual parts, increasing the lifespan of their devices to 2-5 times that of other e-scooter companies.

As of October 2021, 947,284 certified carbon neutral kms have been travelled in Adelaide on Neuron Mobility devices. With more than 42% of these rides replacing a trip that would have been made by car, this has resulted in an estimated 10,4915kg of CO2e emissions avoided or the equivalent of 42,969 litres of petrol.

Neuron Mobility Adelaide 2