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Webinar: Carbon offsetting for corporate emissions reductions

This webinar was held on 15 September 2020, for the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Network as part of a series of online business forums.


  • Gloria Karaiskos - Carbon Market Institute (5:03)
  • Rowan Foley - Aboriginal Carbon Foundation (23.40)
  • James McGregor - Biodiverse Carbon /Greening Australia (39.01)

Topics and questions covered in this webinar include:

  • What is offsetting?
  • Different types of offsets available
  • Offset standards and verification schemes - how to navigate them
  • Current trends in carbon markets in Australia and overseas
  • What are the pathways to carbon neutrality?
  • Project case study - Indigenous land management in Queensland and Northern Territory.
  • Project case study - biodiverse plantings in South East South Australia.
  • Is carbon neutrality appropriate or affordable for charities?
  • What are the steps for a small business to go carbon neutral?
  • How are carbon plantings managed during drought?


The information provided during and following these sessions by panellists is based from their respective professional capacities. Carbon Neutral Adelaide (City of Adelaide & Department for Environment and Water) does not guarantee its accuracy and accepts no liability for any loss or liability arising from inaccuracies or omissions. Carbon Neutral Adelaide does not represent, endorse, or guarantee the advice, opinion, statement, or other information provided by third party panellists. Reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, or other information shall also be at the reader’s own risk and the reader should undertake their own research and or seek independent recommendations to make informed decisions as to what is best suited for his/her needs.