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Carbon Neutral Adelaide is our community’s shared ambition to work together and make the City of Adelaide a carbon neutral city. To achieve our goal, as individuals and as a community we need to rapidly reduce our carbon emissions.

Our achievements will build upon our international reputation as a city that is green, liveable, smart and creative.

Adelaide and the South Australian community are global leaders in reducing the risk of dangerous climate change. We are playing our part in this global challenge and maximising the economic, social and environmental opportunities of technological and behaviour change.

Through our shared commitment to Carbon Neutral Adelaide, we will prosper in a low carbon economy.

Find out how you can play your part.

Why go carbon neutral?

Climate change is an enormous challenge. Countries around the world are working on ways to reduce climate change and its risks.

As part of the United Nations, Australia has agreed to the goal of limiting global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius. One of the ways this will be achieved is the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by moving away from fossil fuels and towards a greener economy. Becoming carbon neutral is one way we are playing our part.

South Australia is already making the transition to a low carbon economy. We’re aiming for our state to have net zero emissions by 2050. Carbon Neutral Adelaide demonstrates the capacity and capabilities of the South Australian community to adapt and prosper in a low carbon economy.

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“Adelaide is showcasing the uptake of renewable and clean technologies and embracing the economic opportunities of responding to climate change. Together with the community, becoming a carbon neutral city builds on Adelaide’s reputation as a clean, green and liveable city.”
Sandy Verschoor, Lord Mayor of Adelaide

Sandy Verschoor

Lord Mayor of Adelaide

What does carbon neutral mean?

Carbon neutral means that the City of Adelaide will have no net impact on the amount of operational greenhouse gases that are released into the earth’s atmosphere in a year.

We will achieve this by reducing greenhouse gas emissions arising from the operational activities in the City of Adelaide local government area. We will offset remaining greenhouse emissions once all cost effective and reasonable measures have been exhausted.

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