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dsquared named Carbon Neutral Adelaide Ambassador

NOVEMBER 2019 dsquared Consulting joined Uniting Communities as a Carbon Neutral Ambassador at the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards 2019 in recognition of their leadership as a small business.

dsquared have been creating sustainable spaces, places and communities across the City of Adelaide since 2012.

Passionate about leading by example, dsquared last year became South Australia’s first small to medium enterprise to achieve carbon neutral certification under the Australian Department of the Environment and Energy’s voluntary National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS).

A collaboration with local company Trellis allowed the company to understand its environmental footprint. Energy, waste, water and material use and associated greenhouse gas emissions were tracked across the business, from the office to the staff commute, business travel to procurement.

The efficiency of the dsquared office was improved by working with the landlord to upgrade lighting and install energy monitoring and solar photovoltaic systems. Staff were actively engaged in the purposeful task of reducing waste. As a result, the office has achieved a 6 Star National Australian Built Environment Rating System energy rating. Annual electricity costs are around $2,000 less for the office compared to a 4 Star rated office of comparable size.

7.14 tonnes of carbon emissions generated during the last reporting period were offset through the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia, a reforestation project which aligns with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

As active members of the City Switch and Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner programs since their inception, dsquared challenges the notion that only large, well-resourced companies can aspire to be carbon neutral. Its ‘carbon neutral roadmap’ is available to guide any small and medium sized enterprise with a similar desire to treading more lightly on the earth. 

Paul Davy, dsquared Director said  “by undergoing NCOS certification, we aim to inspire other South Australian organisations to follow suit. Our ‘carbon neutral roadmap’ provides an easy to follow guide for Australian SME’s looking to neutralise their carbon impact.

As the City of Adelaide, and then South Australia, work towards becoming carbon neutral, leaders in industry are needed to showcase what can be done at an organisational level. If other organisations can follow our example, we can all work together to help create a carbon neutral city."

“By undergoing NCOS certification, we aim to inspire other South Australian organisations to follow suit.”

Paul Davy

Director, dsqared