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Hydrogen blending and time of use pricing recognised for low carbon innovation in Adelaide

30 November 2021.

GPA Engineering's role in the first electrolysis and renewable gas blending project in the country, completing the engineering design for Hydrogen Park SA (HyP SA) hydrogen production and blending facility in Tonsley, was recognised at the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards in November 2021. The Australian-first project is a 5-year demonstration of introducing 5% renewable hydrogen to natural gas in the existing gas network, as well as providing 100% renewable hydrogen to industry throughout the country.

The introduction of hydrogen to natural gas will provide consumers with additional options to increase carbon reduction. The project will initially save approximately 13 tonnes of CO2 per annum, with a long term aim to blend up to 10% of renewable hydrogen across SA’s networks, which would save approximately 70,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

HyP SA is also an Australian-first application of using trucks to transport renewable hydrogen, where 'green' hydrogen is displacing 'brown' hydrogen imported from Victoria, saving approximately 117,000km in driving and 122 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

“HyP SA is an Australian first and one of only a few projects in the world to deliver a renewable gas blend to homes connected to an existing gas network.”

Ben Wilson

AGIG Chief Executive Officer

Hy P Sa Overhead

iO Energy, a 100% carbon neutral electricity retailer giving South Australian customers the opportunity to pay less for clean energy by becoming smarter consumers, was recognised as the Start-up winner for innovation at the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards 2021. iO Energy customers often have a net negative CO2e impact through their electrical usage. In additional to a 100% carbon offset for all electricity purchased, customers also reduce carbon emissions by up to 73% by shifting use times.

iO Energy fosters smarter consumption through a series of innovations such as revealing the changing cost of electricity by time-of-use, creating a new financial hedging approach (a substantial economic barrier that many do not attempt), improving the transparency of retail pricing, statistically analysing load profiles, developing data dashboards and analytical tools for customers, and developing new business and financing models that support electrification and decentralisation. Through thinking outside the square, iO Energy is creating smarter and cleaner energy options for every day South Australians.

“Our goal is to help South Australian’s pay less for cleaner energy, by being smarter users.”

Luke Morton

Co-founder, Io Energy

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