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Christie Walk is an eco-community in the heart of the CBD that demonstrates a practical example for environmentally friendly development in our cities.

Why Christie Walk is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Christie Walk was initiated by Urban Ecology Australia in 1999 as a demonstration project to promote nature-friendly and people-friendly urban development. The goal was to create a liveable, affordable and environmentally benign urban community that provides a practical prototype for the ecological development of our cities. Construction of dwellings was finished in December 2006, but sustainable living is never a completed project. Since then, many upgrades have been undertaken aimed at improving the environmental performance of Christie Walk. About 1,500 people visit the site each year on guided tours. Through practical example, Christie Walk provides visitors with inspiration for action on reducing emissions in the built environment, a key factor in progressing towards Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Christie Walk is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Successfully building the site and the Christie Walk community was their first major contribution to reducing carbon emissions. The purpose of Christie Walk was to create a community and enhance biodiversity within the city. Christie Walk has compact low-impact apartments and town-houses with solar power generation, passive solar ventilation and good insulation, and minimised car-impact. Large-scale stormwater harvesting and great biodiversity in the greenery, including a rooftop garden, all enhance resident lifestyles and city liveability.

Christie Walk continues to encourage their community members to take further personal action (e.g. composting and waste reduction; reducing electricity consumption). Specific community projects to reduce carbon emissions include energy efficiency works, undertaking a carbon inventory, continuing to increase the use of renewable energy and retrofitting evacuated-tube solar hot water boosters onto shared heat-pump hot water systems.

Case Studies

Sustainability alive and well two decades on at Christie Walk

February 2021. Learn how at Christie Walk, 91% of the community’s energy needs is generated on site, and the annual carbon emissions are an incredibly low 1 tonne per resident.

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