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​Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners supporting Climate Active

JANUARY 2020. The Climate Active brand was launched in November 2019, replacing the former “National Carbon Offset Standard” managed by the Commonwealth Government. 

Its renewed focus is on empowering Australians to take climate action, providing a unique ‘trust mark’ for organisations becoming carbon neutral. There is also a network of certified members, case studies, and a list of registered consultants, as well as the documentation required to go through the certification process.

For organisations wishing to explore certified carbon neutrality to play their part in the global shift to a low carbon economy, help is at hand.

Several of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners are registered to take clients through certification. They are:

See the full list of registered consultants.

Success Stories

Our iconic Adelaide Festival will be certified carbon neutral for its 60th Anniversary in 2020, accounting for 74 performances throughout “Mad March”.

As of January 2020, there were over 120 certified Climate Active Carbon Neutral brands listed on the website.

At the launch of the Climate Active brand, beverage company Lion announced it was going carbon neutral alongside BioPak, Austral Fisheries and Keith Tulloch Wine in the food and beverage sector.

Other major companies with certification include CBRE, Intrepid Travel, Westpac Bank and more. The City of Adelaide is on track to be certified carbon neutral in 2020, joining City of Sydney and City of Melbourne.