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Adelaide part of global Carbon Almanac launch

July 2022

Earlier this month, volunteers from around the world joined together to celebrate the launch of a new publication called The Carbon Almanac by trying to break world records in 24-hours for the most authors signing a book, the most readers signing a book and the most book signings at independent stores.

The Carbon Almanac written by 300 volunteers in over 40 Countries is a reference book of facts to create meaningful conversations on the climate issues happening around the world.

In Oceania, there were events hosted in every City of Australia and in Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand all run by volunteers.

In Adelaide, local volunteer Thanh Huynh hosted a book signing at Dymocks, and got close to 100 signatures and there were more than 650, across our region.

For every tree that’s cut down to print The Carbon Almanac books, the publisher plants 10 trees in Uganda and donate a book to a school or community. At last count, there were more than 140,000 trees accounted for by book sales.

The signings across the US made news in some local regions, and kickstarted conversations all over the world.

The Almanac was initiated and coordinated by author and commentator Seth Godin. The publication is intended to provide reliable and easily understandable knowledge on climate change, that can be shared to create meaningful impact. Copies will be available in Australia in November.

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