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What does carbon neutrality mean for the Adelaide Festival?

14 October, 2020.

The Adelaide Festival started in 1960, and in many ways, it has defined the city. In 2020 the Festival was run across 17 venues, and while celebrating 60 years of operation, it also achieved carbon neutral event status with Climate Active

In these two videos, Artistic Director Rachel Healy explains how accounting for carbon emissions aligns with the organisation's mission and has brought several unexpected benefits. In part one, she is joined by prominent writers and artists to explain what carbon neutrality means for the Adelaide Festival.  In part two, Carbon Neutral Adelaide partner Trellis explain the carbon accountancy and certification process for a complex, multi-part operation like the Festival. 

For organisations based in the City of Adelaide, there are financial incentives available to assist with some of the costs of creating inventories and preparing an emissions reduction plan, to achieve carbon neutrality. Contact the team to find out more. 

The Festival has announced its centrepiece live performance and streaming event for 2021, keep an eye out for the rest of the program in the coming months!