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How Solar and Batteries Work by SolarQuotes

JUNE 2020. Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner, SolarQuotes, has released a series of educational videos to help people better understand what makes up a solar PV system and be equipped to talk to installers.

Finn Peacock is the CEO and Founder of SolarQuotes, based in Adelaide, and he published The Good Solar Guide hard copy book in 2018.

Since the release of The Good Solar Guide, Finn has created the "How Solar and Batteries Work” video series to answer questions from people all over Australia. Produced specifically for everyday Australian homeowners, the video series answers some of the most common questions about solar like: how does solar work; how to calculate your potential savings with solar; understanding batteries and blackouts; through to how to position panels on your roof. 

The series is a range of bite-size videos packed with information to demystify solar. The full set of videos can be viewed on YouTube, via the links below. We've also featured a few of our favourite videos below.

If you're a property owner or business based in Adelaide CBD or North Adelaide, check what rebates may be available to you through the Sustainability Incentives Scheme. The South Australian Government Home Battery Scheme is also available for all households in South Australia. 

Video Series Links

1. The Difference Between Power and Energy6. How to predict what your bills will be if you get solar
2. How Much Energy Does One Solar Panel Produce?7. Understanding Batteries and Blackouts
3. How Do Home Solar Systems Actually Work? 8. Should You Go Off-Grid?
4. Where Should I Put My Solar Panels?9. Surprising Facts About Solar And Heat
5. How to Maximise your Savings With Solar10. How To Avoid Dodgy Solar