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PO Box 470, Brighton 5048
​SolarQuotes has made it easy to get quotes for high quality solar for over 32,000 South Australians and over 320,000 households across Australia.

Why SolarQuotes is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

SolarQuotes has the ability to make a massive contribution towards lowering the net carbon emissions of Australia, and so sees a partnership with Carbon Neutral Adelaide as a natural fit due to this shared vision. SolarQuotes aims to accelerate the uptake of quality solar power systems in Australia. Every solar system installed represents, in a very real and direct sense, less fossil fuels burned to provide electricity for the households and businesses in Australia, with the extra benefit of allowing households and businesses to take control of electricity costs. SolarQuotes has been headquartered in Adelaide since 2009, because even back then South Australia was obviously the forefront of Australian renewables. Carbon Neutral Adelaide continues this leadership. 

What SolarQuotes is doing to reduce carbon emissions

SolarQuotes has made it easy to get quotes for high quality solar for over 32,000 South Australians and over 320,000 households across Australia – that’s over 1 in 30 homes! SolarQuotes’ website is valued by consumers with an average review score of 8.9/10 based on over 3,200 reviews on the independent third-party review website TrustPilot, and many people have said they wouldn’t have gone solar without it. 

SolarQuotes has an extensive database of over 20,000 reviews of solar panels, inverters and installation companies and an industry-lauded battery storage comparison table cited in numerous industry and academic sources. Advertising widgets displayed on prominent websites such as WeatherZone and RenewEconomy have collectively achieved over 4.4 billion impressions across Australia. Together, these resources allow consumers to make educated decisions on solar purchases to increase the purchase of high quality, long-lasting solar systems that will deliver lower electricity bills and a lower carbon footprint for decades to come.

Within SolarQuotes, all employees work from home to minimise travel and those in their own homes have installed, or are in the process of installing, solar on their roof. 99% of communications both internally and with customers are electronic. SolarQuotes’ headquarters at Finn Peacock’s house is built from straw and is incredibly energy-efficient, using around 8kWh per day with 5 occupants. 

Visit the SolarQuotes website.