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Offsets for householders

For households, it is possible to understand your impact on climate change in terms of a carbon footprint.

Some homes and families may be interested in a detailed assessment footprint, using actual data from cars, electricity and gas, flights, etc. Others might be happy to look up an average Australians household's impact in 'tonnes of carbon dioxide', and some might be interested in how to take action at home.

There are a wide variety of offset projects that households could fund directly, including solar farms, small hydroelectric projects, tree plantings, biogas, methane avoidance, landfill gas and fuel-efficient cook stoves.

Below is a list of carbon calculators for homes, and also some companies that provide offsetting products and services for ordinary households or small business.


Australian Greenhouse Calculator - This online calculator provides calculations in quick or detailed modes, developed by RMIT University.

Carbon Neutral - An Australian company offering plant-a-tree programs, carbon offsets, and carbon advisory services, a household calculator is provided on this website.

Green Fleet - Offering monthly or yearly subscriptions to cover an Australian household's typical carbon impact, based on averages.

Choose Carbon Neutral Brands - Look for the Climate Active logo to support carbon neutral products, services, organisations and events, and reduce the impact of what you buy.


Climate Neutral Now - An initiative of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, provides a calculator for organisations or individuals to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. Offset (carbon credit) purchase is available through this website.

Gold Standard - The Gold Standard was set up in 2003 by WWF and other NGOs to ensure integrity of carbon carbon credits. Through this website, individual can purchase offsets that are then 'retired' in real-time for traceability, and a certificate is issued.


There are different types of accreditations and verification to provide assurance about the offset projects. Major schemes to look for are Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), and Gold Standard.

The City of Adelaide does not guarantee the veracity of claims and does not provide any third-party audit or verification of these services.