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Understanding offsets

To become carbon neutral, businesses and organisations calculate the greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activity, such as fuel or electricity use and travel. They reduce these emissions as much as possible by investing in new technology or changing the way they operate. Any remaining emissions can be 'cancelled out' by purchasing carbon offsets.

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Understanding carbon offsets

The Australian Government Climate Active Program provides certifications for business that pursue carbon neutrality. Offset units are generated by projects that reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere such as reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency. Climate Active provides an explanation of how it works.

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Find Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners

A number of Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partners have expertise in carbon accounting, emissions reduction planning and general sustainability advice. Visit the Partner Directory and use the search function for "sustainability and carbon consultants", to see who can assist.

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Webinar on corporate offsetting

In this in-depth exploration, the Carbon Market Institute provides a background on the carbon credit markets. The Aboriginal Carbon Foundation and Biodiverse Carbon Conservation also share Australian case studies.

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Offsetting for households

There are a number of ways that households can understand the carbon footprint of their own house and use the offsets markets to balance this with investments in projects that either reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere.

Offsets for householders