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Reuse and recycle

When green waste goes to landfill it breaks down creating methane which is a powerful greenhouse gas, contributing to climate change. The alternative is to compost organic material, which prevents methane release and provides a valuable resource for households and agriculture. If you do not live in the City of Adelaide, you can check the Which Bin website to see what green waste and recycling services are offered in your Council area.

Kitchen Caddy

Using your kitchen caddy

City of Adelaide provides kerbside green organics services for all households. Residents can get a small kitchen caddy for free to make it easier to collect food scraps, which can then be placed in your green organics bin. Read more.

Rundle Mall Organic

Food waste recycling Rundle Mall

In collaboration with Green Industries SA, the City of Adelaide is trialling a new multi-bin system to encourage people in Rundle Mall to stop and sort their food waste, compostable packaging, and cans & bottles. The trial is running for 12 months from August 2022. Learn more

Re Use and Recycle

Reuse and recycle hubs

City of Adelaide residents can now get rid of hard-to-recycle items through thee Reuse and Recycle Hubs at the Customer Centre and City Library. Accepted items include fluorescent tubes, x-rays, light globes, mobile phones/ tablets, e-waste, batteries, blister packs, eye glasses, printer cartridges and plastic bread tags. Read more


About the circular economy

In a circular economy all items are used for as long as possible then recycled for future use. The outcome is less waste, lower greenhouse gas emissions, fewer natural resources used, and increased potential of economic growth and greater employment opportunities. We are aiming for Adelaide to be a low carbon, circular economy. Learn more