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Choose green transport

One of the ways you can help make Adelaide carbon neutral is to consider active ways to travel to, from and around the city.


Walk or cycle

Adelaide is an easy city to traverse by bike or on foot. Its broad, flat streets, dedicated bike lanes and cycling infrastructure through the Park Lands make it very cycle-friendly. You’ll save time, money, and the whole city benefits from the reduced carbon emissions and congestion on the roads. See trails and get a map

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Consider car share

Commerical car sharing offers flexibility, a choice of vehicles and maintenance taken care of for you. When one modern and efficient car is shared by many users when they really need it, it means lower emissions from the tail pipe for everyone. The two commercial car share options in Adelaide are Flexicar and Uber Carshare (Formerly car next door).

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Catch public transport

Everyone who uses trains, buses and trams contributes to a less congested, cleaner city and a carbon neutral future. You may be surprised how easy a quick shopping trip to the CBD is! Plan your trip


EV charging in the city

There are a range of electric vehicle chargers in the the City of Adelaide, including those provided by the Council and by the RAA as well as those in hotels and private car parks. See the locations

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Money back for EV chargers

Many people who invest in electric vehicles will typically charge at home. Money back is available for residents in the City of Adelaide to install chargers at home for their electric bicycle or vehicle, where space allows. Learn more

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We power our cars with solar

In these videos a local resident and business talk about how their solar systems are providing electricity for cars - showing how the city of the future can function without carbon emissions. Watch the video