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Your Nursing Agency

Your Nursing Agency have committed to play their part in Carbon Neutral Adelaide by considering environmental sustainability in all their operations.

Why Your Nursing Agency are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Your Nursing Agency (YNA) consider environmental sustainability in all their operations.

YNA’s environmental objectives are: 

  • resource efficiency - minimising demand on material resources and working towards efficient and sustainable use of energy, water and other natural resources
  • minimising their impact on climate change - including reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • striving for zero waste - managing waste to maximise resource recovery and benefit the environment
  • risk reduction - identifying, avoiding and reducing environmental risks associated with YNA’s operations
  • shared vision - enshrining environmental consideration in all partnering and procurement activities.

What Your Nursing Agency are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Some ways in which YNA are working to meet these objectives are: 

  • recycling cans, plastics and paper in specific bins for each waste product
  • reducing their paper footprint by upgrading systems to work towards paperless offices
  • changing lighting in their office to low voltage LED options at every opportunity
  • purchasing energy-efficient kitchen appliances and other devices
  • passive window dressing, such as block out blinds and tinting treatments to place less reliance on air-conditioning systems during the extremes of weather
  • sending all e-waste to approved recycling facilities
  • remodelling and re-using office furniture wherever possible - serviceable and safe office equipment is reused and not discarded wherever possible to ensure their waste profile is as low as possible
  • refusing to provide disposable coffee cups in its businesses by using non-disposable china cups for employees and visitors
  • using Earth environmentally-friendly cleaning products in home cleaning
  • providing training for YNA staff on the correct use and disposal of chemicals
  • reviewing their environmental policies and achievements annually during strategic planning
  • partnering with like-minded potential suppliers in tenders and business contracts and specifying YNA’s own environmental commitments prior to contracting with other companies.

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