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Wallmans Lawyers

Wallmans Lawyers' support of Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a natural extension of their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Why Wallmans Lawyers are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Wallmans' support of Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a natural extension of their commitment to environmental sustainability as a member of the CitySwitch program. They have a strong staff focus and peer accountability in relation to energy minimisation and their management team discusses sustainability initiatives as a standing monthly agenda item. They understand that there is an increasing trend for purchasers of legal services to require law firms to have recognised environmental credentials. This business imperative remains a key driver of Wallmans remaining at the forefront of environmental sustainability for the legal sector. They also recognise that to maintain Wallmans reputation as an employer of choice, it is critical to have a highly visible commitment to environmental and energy management. Wallmans understand that staff are interested in environmental sustainability and that maintaining their strong focus in this area will assist the firm to retain and attract the best possible talent.

What Wallmans Lawyers are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Wallmans have implemented significant changes in 2015 and 2016 aimed at reducing their environmental impact. These initiatives were identified via an expert consultancy report, particularly concerning energy reduction. They have invested heavily in developing a strong culture of environmental sustainability in a relatively short time period. They value regular and open communication with staff and encourage new ideas to be submitted for consideration. They recognise this is a long journey with no end point and will continue to seek and implement opportunities to improve the sustainability of their firm.

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