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The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is proud to be the first founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

Why the University of Adelaide is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is proud to be the first founding partner of Carbon Neutral Adelaide, recognising that managing and responding to climate change is one of the greatest tests of our time. The University is committed to leading as an example, as expected by the community of a publicly funded organisation conducting research in sustainability and environmental science. As a world-leading higher education and research institution, the University of Adelaide is fostering a culture of sustainability and also understands the positive impact of new knowledge and innovation. 

What the University of Adelaide is doing to reduce carbon emissions

The University is working to make the Carbon Neutral Adelaide vision a reality across the institution, through teaching, research and operations. This is reflected in dedicated resources and support for entrepreneurs, industry engagement, collaborative working groups and $14.4M of investment in campus sustainability improvements over the next four years. The University’s Campus Sustainability Plan is an organisational and operational commitment to the climate change challenge, and details a coordinated suite of emission reduction projects that will begin to transition the University to low-carbon operations. More than $12m will be dedicated to carbon emission reduction projects at the University's three campuses, including efficient lighting retrofits, mechanical equipment upgrades and installation of solar PV. Complementing infrastructure improvements are strategies relating to sustainable procurement, staff and student engagement, training and skills development.

The University also actively contributes to climate change knowledge through its teaching and research and in preparing students to be the thought-leaders in the low-carbon economy. Energy Management students are working on projects based around achieving the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan. Events like the Climathon and Australian e-challenge allow students from all faculties to be involved in finding solutions to global challenges and develop strategic business thinking for entrepreneurial ventures. The Smart Cities consortium of more than 50 academics are testing prototypes in the IOT and IOE space, in order to develop smart, sustainable solutions to everyday problems. Staff in key research areas like the Environment Institute also continue to deliver outstanding research across environmental sciences and climate adaptation.

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