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The Solar Project

The Solar Project’s core goal is to reduce carbon emissions in South Australia and beyond.

Why The Solar Project is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The Solar Project supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide for a multitude of reasons:

  • it matches The Solar Project’s core business goals

  • involvement highlights to others the business and job generation opportunities that transitioning to carbon neutrality creates

  • involvement reinforces that there are so many entities working together to make Adelaide carbon neutral

  • to thank the organisers for publicising the advances the city is making towards carbon neutrality

The Solar Project is proud to be part of the team making the City of Adelaide carbon neutral and ideally be the first in the world to do so.  

What The Solar Project is doing to reduce carbon emissions

The Solar Project’s core goal is to reduce carbon emissions in South Australia and beyond.  With headquarters in Adelaide, The Solar Project was set up to help large consumers of electricity (factories, offices, shopping centres, offices, community sites, government buildings) become less polluting, namely by using solar power generated on site.

The Solar Project helps consumers to:

  • analyse recent power consumption, typically over a year
  • analyse where solar panels could be installed, typically on the roof
  • design a suitably sized system to match the premises’ power use and roof sizes
  • source and install the system
  • commission the system and undertake monitoring to ensure proper ongoing performance.

The Solar Project also conducts regular seminars and roundtable events to raise awareness in the community of the financial and environmental benefits of using solar power, focused again on the needs of larger power users.

Recently, The Solar Project has expanded services to include energy auditing, technology associated with solar that reduces power consumption (power factor correction, voltage optimisation, low-powered LED lighting), and energy storage (batteries and thermal) to power sites after the sun has set and/or to move consumption to times when grid electricity is less expensive.

Visit The Solar Project’s website.