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Sustainable Business Consultants

Sustainable Business Consultants are leading consultants in sustainable business and carbon management.

Why Sustainable Business Consultants are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

As leading consultants in sustainable business and carbon management, carbon reduction is at the very core of Sustainable Business Consultants’ business, with the belief that it is essential for the wellbeing of the environment, society and the economy. The help they provide to their clients, leading them along the carbon reduction journey, results in these multi-facetted benefits - for the organisations, their staff, customers and the wider community.

The business case for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality is strong and the benefits are achievable with good planning. Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a shining example of a city taking action for its future and everyone that lives and work there. Sustainable Business Consultants are committed to supporting this initiative in every way they can.

View a video of Suzanne Ridding from Sustainable Business Consultants being interviewed about Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Sustainable Business Consultants are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Sustainable Business Consultants have been working with their clients to reduce carbon emissions for nearly 10 years and have, since they made their commitment, been the advisor to the organisation that was the first in South Australia to become carbon neutral. Reducing carbon emissions involves a combined approach of visible commitment, education, ideas, sound investment and ongoing planning. Sustainable Business Consultants work on all of these aspects to develop programs that are designed to be long lasting and to deliver significant benefits over time.

Sustainable Business Consultants are proud to have been involved in the business case development and evaluation of a 1.1MW solar power system, have produced many carbon inventories, developed projects to reduce energy, fuel, waste, etc and have undertaken the procurement of carbon offsets matching business values. They have also undertaken extensive education programs for staff and developed an e-learning module about carbon management and going carbon neutral.

As a small organisation, Sustainable Business Consultants have kept their carbon footprint low by cycling or using public transport to travel, offsetting the few flights they take and recycling 100% of their waste. They hardly ever print, meaning they use less than one ream of (carbon neutral) paper per year and their energy usage is minimal - they only put lights on when it’s getting dark and wear warmer clothes in winter.  

Proprietor Suzanne Ridding is also a Climate Leader and has given talks on climate change and carbon reduction to companies, communities and not-for-profits. 

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