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Seed Consulting

Seed Consulting Services are a national sustainability services firm.

Why Seed Consulting are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Seed Consulting Services (Seed) are a national sustainability services firm. Seed help communities and businesses achieve prosperity through sustainability by connecting ideas and people to facilitate change.

As a certified Beneficial Corporation (BCorp) one of their key aspirations is to reduce their carbon footprint and become a Carbon Neutral business. As an Adelaide based business well versed in helping businesses and community to achieve sustainable change it is important that they lead by example and demonstrate how achievable positive action on climate change and sustainability can be. 

They hope their positive team approach, case studies and global commitments can motivate and demonstrate to others how participation in Carbon Neutral Adelaide can create a resilient and better business with local, national and global benefit.

View a video of Andy Chambers from Seed Consulting being interviewed about Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What Seed Consulting are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Seed are actively participating in reducing their own carbon emissions and the emissions of their clients. They have measured their baseline carbon emissions and attended to the following energy reducing activities:

  • replaced fluorescent light tubes low consumption LED light tubes

  • reduced hot water temperature set points

  • off-set their interstate air travel (carbon off-sets)

  • walk and bike around town to appointments

  • set HVAC heating and cooling temperatures to avoid high and low temperatures respectively

  • off-set their remaining scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by purchasing voluntary carbon units

  • focused on reducing their water consumption - less water means less pumping and electricity consumption (emissions)

  • reduced their waste to landfill by avoiding unnecessary packaging, participating in recycling and composting all their organic wastes for use on their gardens.

During 2017 Seed are exploring the best way to work with their landlord to install solar PV on their office roof. This will enable them to further reduce their largest carbon impact, electricity consumption.

Some of the work with their clients includes:

  • assisting install of 150W LED highbay lights as replacement for 400W discharge lights

  • assessing solar pv and battery storage systems to assist in controlling energy demand costs

  • assessing install of variable speed drives on motors

  • calculating the off-set and energy efficiency benefit of planting trees and urban forests

  • batter managing refrigeration systems (food and wine)

  • helping to assess efficient management and operation of HVAC systems.

Visit the Seed Consulting website.