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SA Police

South Australia Police strongly support the ideal of a sustainable future for all South Australians

Why SA Police are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

SA Police (SAPOL) have a number of large sites located in the City of Adelaide and take their commitment to environmental sustainability very seriously. SAPOL regularly engage in internal audits to identify greenhouse gas reduction possibilities and implement these findings into normal everyday business processes.

By being involved with projects like Carbon Neutral Adelaide, SAPOL will have the opportunity to increase their environmental commitment and take initiatives learned in the program and roll them out to other areas of their portfolio. Carbon Neutral Adelaide will not just be a rewarding experience for SAPOL, but also a valuable learning experience where new technological breakthroughs are being achieved daily that can improve the way business is conducted. Through Carbon Neutral Adelaide SAPOL look forward to better ways to use electricity, manage waste and reduce water consumption. SAPOL also welcome the opportunity to work with other like-minded organisations to maximise environmental outcomes for the City of Adelaide and the State of South Australia.

What SA Police are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

SAPOL are committed to environmental sustainability and have invested time, money and effort to reduce greenhouse emissions from their building portfolio and vehicle fleet. SAPOL have been committed to environmental sustainability by reducing their carbon footprint for over 10 years, investing in clean energy solutions like efficient lighting, solar power generation and major plant and equipment upgrade and replacement programs.

SAPOL have been actively reducing energy consumption since 2001 with consistent year on year reductions. Today SAPOL use over 40% less electricity than in 2000 through the use of environmental design of new buildings, more efficient buildings, improved business processes and working smarter. 

The commitment of many people to SAPOL’s environmental goals is the key to SAPOL’s success in this field and paramount to SAPOL moving forward into the future.

SAPOL view Carbon Neutral Adelaide as the next logical step in energy reduction and support the City of Adelaide and the State of South Australia to reach this noble goal.

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