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Pangolin Associates

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd are a national carbon and energy management consultancy that work with organisations throughout Australia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement energy efficiencies.

Why Pangolin Associates are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Pangolin Associates are an Australia-wide carbon and energy management consultancy with a strong presence in South Australia. Two of their Founding Directors conduct operations from Adelaide, and work with organisations of all sizes in the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and put energy efficiencies in place.

Pangolin began operations in 2010 as a carbon neutral entity with a clear set of guidelines and policies for building a low emissions business. They were certified under the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) in 2016. Their sustainability services range broadly across sectors, from voluntary actions to compliance for large and emissions intensive corporations. As such Carbon Neutral Adelaide dovetails precisely with their own values, and all they do as a commercial entity. They wholeheartedly support Adelaide as a role model for climate change leadership for businesses and governments across the globe.  

What Pangolin Associates are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Pangolin Associates Pty Ltd work with organisations throughout Australia to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and implement energy efficiencies.

Pangolin began in 2010 as a carbon neutral business, adhering to best practice sustainability. Each year they undertake a carbon footprint, and offset carbon emissions they cannot eliminate with certified carbon credits. To date they have supported global wind energy projects and Australian forest conservation.

Pangolin provide services for the National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS), the Australian Government’s carbon neutral certification. They felt it was not enough to be a net zero business and advise others on NCOS without having the government credential, so underwent the process themselves in 2016 and are proudly the first to be NCOS certified in the carbon and energy services sector. They hope others will follow.

Pangolin have a clear set of sustainability policies, procedures and guidelines. These include:

  • paper-free offices 

  • energy efficiency in their office buildings wherever possible: solar panels, energy efficient lighting, energy monitoring of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, LED lighting and motion sensors and they are a member of CitySwitch Green Office, a program promoting low energy consumption in commercial buildings

  • a supply chain with environmental and ethical credentials where prospective suppliers must complete a rigorous questionnaire regarding sustainability

  • travel to meetings and to work on public transport, or other sustainable modes where possible.

Pangolin are also a certified and founding member of B Corporation in Australia. This is a global, voluntary initiative promoting higher standards of accountability and transparency. B Corp certification is a rigorous assessment of environmental and social practices. Whenever possible they select carbon neutral and certified B Corp suppliers for their ethical and environmentally sound business practices.

Visit the Pangolin Associates website.