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Lifecycles are specialists in lifecycle assessment, so being part of Adelaide’s efforts to go carbon neutral is a natural fit.

Why Lifecycles are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Environmental impact is at the core of everything they do at Lifecycles - so being part of Adelaide’s efforts to go carbon neutral is a natural fit. They are specialists in life cycle assessment, a method that calculates carbon footprint but also other environmental impacts.

They undertake life cycle assessment studies for private and government clients, and also provide training and tools that enable students and professionals to incorporate this method into their work.

Being highly specialised, their clients are across Australia but also the globe. They care profoundly about the future of our planet, and are convinced that to make a change we need to take a wider view of the problem and work on the whole thing, not just the parts that are visible on the surface. 

What Lifecycles are doing to reduce carbon emissions

Lifecycles enable their clients to reduce carbon emissions by helping them understand where their impacts come from, and providing them with pathways for improvement. Their streamlined packaging tool PIQET, for example, is used by leading material suppliers, packaging companies and brand owners around the globe to track their progress on reducing carbon emissions.

Recently in South Australia they investigated the benefits of our state transitioning to a more circular economy, showing clear pathways to reduce carbon emissions whilst creating jobs. Find out more. 

Regarding their own carbon emissions, in South Australia they operate out of shared facilities in the Tonsley innovation district. By sharing the space and its resources with other tenants, they also share the carbon footprint, tapping into commonly underutilised assets. Their Victorian office in Fitzroy was selected for its use of natural light, and it has been retrofitted with compact fluorescent lightbulbs. Virtualisation is also key in keeping their emissions down. Servicing clients across the globe, and participating in global consensus building in the science of life cycle assessment online to reduce travel and keep their paper trail to a minimum. 

Visit the Lifecycles website.