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KESAB environmental solutions

KESAB environmental solutions is playing its part in Carbon Neutral Adelaide through its focus on building community capacity in sustainability.

Why KESAB is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

KESAB environmental solutions is a leading NGO environmental sustainability educator in South Australia engaging and partnering with all sectors of government, business and community with research based creative and curriculum based learning. Delivery of schools education and professional development and teacher training is an imperative as the new ‘circular economy’ evolves and environmental and economic outcomes are achieved for South Australia. KESAB objectives in supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide will demonstrably showcase business, community, school students and teachers’ initiatives and actions which directly underpin behavioural change and interface to achieve the transition required by all South Australians to ensure a sustainable environmental outcome locally and globally through Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What KESAB are doing to reduce carbon emissions

KESAB environmental solutions is strategically focused on building community capacity through interactive education programs and school learning and teaching embracing the new circular economy. 

Through Service Level Agreements with Green Industries SA and the Adelaide Mount Lofty Ranges Natural Resource Management education program and partnerships with local councils KESAB facilitates and educates thousands of South Australians to embrace increased resource recovery and recycling, reduced energy usage and implement conservation practices in their daily workplace, home and recreational activities.

Programs include Wipe out Waste, Litter Less, Take the Pledge and development of education resources underpinning community education initiatives.

KESAB embraces a global social enterprise value and has established overseas partnerships through STEMSEL (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths Social Enterprise Learning) which builds teacher training and community capacity.  Countries include Malaysia, India, Indonesia and Mongolia which have reached over 300 teachers through professional development sessions and student education resources.

The KESAB Green Team has created and maintains an in-house monitoring program where energy, water and travel and fleet data is recorded and monitored demonstrating KESAB ‘walks the talk’ and has achieved a significant reduction in carbon emissions through energy and water conservation, native garden,  fleet management and waste diversion. The model is suitable as a case study for small business to adopt and achieve similar carbon reduction outcomes.

KESAB has worked with City of Adelaide researching options to engage small business and the retail sector in context of the role small business can play in changing practices and influencing carbon reduction.

Visit the KESAB environmental solutions website.