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Goodhouse Architecture

Goodhouse Architecture aim to deliver affordable and sustainable carbon neutral homes.

Why Goodhouse Architecture are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Goodhouse support Carbon Neutral Adelaide because their core business is about working towards carbon neutral homes.

Goodhouse developed out of the Zero Carbon Challenge - an SA Government run competition. They headed a team consisting of engineers, academics, a builder and other consultants to develop a proposal for a sub $300,000 sustainable home that was highly energy efficient and would become carbon neutral within its life span.

The housing sector is a major energy consumer in terms of both household operational energy and the energy required to construct the houses; the embodied energy. Whilst there have been some improvements in the relevant construction standards, Australia’s homes continue to become larger and use increasing amounts of energy when compared to what is possible and sustainable. 

What Goodhouse Architecture are doing to reduce carbon emissions

Goodhouse make sustainable architecture affordable. They are able to offer a sustainable alternative to people who previously would have project homes as their only option. Whilst using many standardised details, features and systems, each Goodhouse is designed specifically for site and client and is therefore unique. However, due to the design and construction efficiencies, their build costs are significantly less than the typical architectural build. Their Goodhouse product is competitive in the bulk build market.

Goodhouse know that domestic hot water and heating/cooling requirements account for the majority of energy use in the home. House design should consider the site conditions and maximise the passive heating/cooling opportunities available. Houses also need to focus on construction issues around the seal and insulation properties of the building envelope, hence maximising the impact of any added heating/cooling requirements.

Goodhouse are committed to responding to each site and local environmental conditions. Their designs respond appropriately to all the passive heating/cooling opportunities and use appropriate materials and systems. As a result, Goodhouse can significantly reduce, and in some cases, remove the need for active heating and cooling.

With data gathered from pressure door testing, thermography, house monitoring, energy bills and observation, Goodhouse can report that their homes are comfortable and healthy for under 1/5th  of the local average energy consumption.

Each Goodhouse is designed with an appropriately sized solar system that will generate more power than the house will use, hence offsetting the embodied energy within 20 years (dependent on use).

As a direct result of this reduced and offset energy use, they are significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Through their marketing, information sessions and support for environmental organisations like the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network, and an involvement in the Universities, Goodhouse is also an advocate for more general environmental awareness and education.

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