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Doctors for the Environment Australia

Doctors for the Environment Australia advocate for climate action because for healthy people, we need a healthy planet.

Why Doctors for the Environment Australia are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Doctors for the Environment Australia view that climate change is the greatest global health threat facing us this century, affecting the determinants of health, such as clean air and water, sufficient and nutritious food, and secure shelter. 
They advocate for acting now on climate change to improve the health, social stability and the environment for current and future citizens of Adelaide, while acting as a role model for other cities in Australia and the world. 

Doctors for the Environment Australia believe that for healthy people, we need a healthy planet and advocate for:
  • urgent transition to wind and solar power for cleaner, quieter, and healthier cities
  • community planning to increase resilience during extreme weather events 
  • greening our cities for physical and mental well-being, fresher air and less-severe heat island effects. 

What Doctors for the Environment Australia are doing to reduce their carbon emissions

Doctors for the Environment Australia are a national advocacy organisation comprising medical doctors and students that seek to raise awareness of the close link between human health and the health of the natural environment. They believe that the need to reduce carbon emission demands urgent attention. They use their medical expertise and the best available scientific knowledge to highlight the dangers of unmanageable climate change, and the important health benefits of stable climates, clean air and water, biodiverse natural places and sustainable health care systems. 
Their dedicated volunteers advocate by: 
  • engaging with medical colleagues, politicians, the media and the wider community
  • holding briefings with leading policy makers
  • presenting information at parliamentary inquiries and national and international conferences
  • speaking at community forums
  • writing articles and produce a range of resources
  • providing expert opinion to journalists
  • publishing peer reviewed studies and writing position papers
  • running an annual conference to share information and inspire action among medical colleagues
  • participating in community fun runs to promote public health.

Visit the Doctors for the Environment website.