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Cminus are focused on carbon reduction in the built environment and property industry, and the economic and wellbeing benefits it can bring to communities.

Why Cminus are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Cminus were incorporated 10 years ago with the fundamental intention of carbon reduction as conveyed in their logo. While reducing a business’ carbon footprint is an important goal from an environmental perspective, Cminus work to innovate and disrupt within the built environment to demonstrate that the pursuit of this goal can also deliver significant economic benefit and increase the wellbeing of people and communities. Cminus support Carbon Neutral Adelaide’s goals as a clear pathway to maintaining and improving on Adelaide’s position as one of the world’s best places.  

What CMinus are doing to reduce carbon emissions

Cminus are a unique business focused on facilitating strategic, innovative, and sustainable outcomes in the built environment and property industry through its consultancy and smart property development capabilities. Cminus apply their expertise to help facilitate strategies to solve complex problems and provide pathways for the practical implementation of innovation and great ideas. This is achieved through corporate strategy development and education in all aspects of the built environment in support of ‘sustainable spaces and places’ from commercial buildings to housing and infrastructure (water, power, and transport). Cminus offer high level corporate consulting and advice on business strategy, projects in the built environment and policy development, providing a clear way forward to competitive advantage through sustainable principles and practices that embrace innovation and often disrupt conventional wisdom.

Cminus consultancy’s offering includes the following types of services:

  • Strategic advice and business planning relating to corporate sustainability
  • Policy development and advocacy
  • Strategic advice in relation to projects associated with the built environment including:
    • Property portfolios
    • Property developments
    • Strategic advice pertaining to Building Upgrade Finance legislation
    • Green infrastructure (transport, power, water)
    • Eco-city or precinct scale developments
  • Design review advice in relation to place-making and sustainable communities
  • Design review audits of property developments, both building and precinct scale

In addition, Cminus incorporate a hands-on property development and project management capability where this knowledge and experience is applied to projects and teams throughout the entire life cycle including concept development, feasibility modelling, leasing, design process management, construction management and product delivery. Cminus’s approach prioritises outcomes that deliver innovative, paradigm shifting property developments with an emphasis on triple bottom line outcomes (financial, social, and environmental).

Visit the Cminus website.