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Alternative Technology Association

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) are a not-for-profit organisation that enable, represent and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes and communities.

Why ATA are supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The ATA are a not-for-profit organisation that enable, represent and inspire people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. Established in 1980, the ATA provide expert, independent advice on sustainable solutions to households, businesses and government.

They have helped thousands of households save money and reduce their environmental foot print with information on energy efficiency, solar power, rainwater tanks, materials reuse and waste.

They are excited to work with the City of Adelaide to help make residents homes cheaper to run, more comfortable to live in and environmentally-friendly. Climate change is accelerating and they believe it is great to see the leadership taken by Carbon Neutral Adelaide. By working together they can empower people to take responsibility and effective action on climate change. 

View a video of Alan Strickland from ATA being interviewed about Carbon Neutral Adelaide.

What ATA are doing to reduce carbon emissions

The ATA walk the talk by ensuring that their own practices and operations are sustainable. Here are some of the activities the ATA undertake at their rented office:

  • Waste: all office food waste is composted and the compost used in staff members’ gardens. Paper, glass, cardboard, plastic containers and aluminium are recycled, as well as electronic waste, polystyrene, CDs, ink and toner cartridges, plastic film, batteries and light globes. Recycled bags are offered to customers who make purchases at the ATA office. 
  • Transport: staff walk, use public transport or ride to work. The ATA use the GoGet car share company, and the hybrid and wholly electric vehicles in its fleet when they are available. Air travel emissions are offset through the Community Climate Chest (C3), a joint project of the ATA, Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group and ACX Argyle. 
  • Office supplies and equipment: the ATA choose fair-trade, organic products for staff tea, coffee and sugar. They purchase 100% post-consumer waste tissues and toilet paper and bulk eco dishwashing liquid and eco hand wash to refill their dispensers. Any new office equipment including printers and computers are chosen based on energy consumption, consumables and recyclability. All office documents and brochures are printed on recycled stock using vegetable-based inks and their office paper is 100% recycled post-consumer waste. 
  • Energy: The ATA purchase offsets for its office electricity through their C3 social enterprise. The ATA’s rented office has energy-efficient lighting and active heating and cooling systems. There are windows that can be opened and fans which can be zoned. They have installed an eKo smart-meter display which enables them to monitor in real time their electricity consumption, and ensure all standby loads are turned off at the end of the working day.

Visit the ATA website.