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Adelaide Sustainable Building Network

The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network believes that a carbon neutral future is a critical part of creating sustainable cities.

Why Adelaide Sustainable Building Network is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The Adelaide Sustainable Building Network (ASBN) believes that a carbon neutral (or better) future is a critical part of creating sustainable cities that provide the most positive outcomes possible for the people living within them and the environments that support them. With a core mission to ignite positive action towards creating sustainable built environments, ASBN advocates for the uptake of sustainable and ecologically beneficial practices within all industries. ASBN strongly supports the Carbon Neutral Adelaide initiative as a world leading example of what is possible for modern, progressive cities and hopes that through this partnership capacity to achieve sustainability goals will be increased.

What Adelaide Sustainable Building Network is doing to reduce carbon emissions

The ASBN works with all industries linked to the built environment through advocacy and education. The design of the built environment heavily impacts on the carbon neutrality of a city throughout the construction, use and deconstruction of built elements. ASBN acts as an advocacy group and educator of professionals and the general public on matters related to all areas of sustainable built environments. Actively demonstrating via events and recorded materials how carbon emissions can be reduced through careful use and reuse of resources of all kinds, ASBN also acts as a connection point, igniting collaboration between like-minded organisations, professionals and the public.

The ASBN also “walk the talk”. In administrative operations and at events every step is taken to minimise waste, reduce resource use and offset emissions. Event catering is sourced from local, ethical suppliers who use compostable packaging and take care of the land that provides their produce. ASBN also encourages event participants to use public transport, cycle or walk as the preferred, low carbon transport options. The impact of any printing undertaken is carefully considered against the benefit of the printed material and generally kept to a minimum, with a strong online presence used in preference to physical documents.

Being not-for-profit, ASBN relies primarily on external funding and aims to partner with suppliers and other organisations with closely aligned core values. Venues, media partners and collaborators are all carefully selected with these ethics in mind. ASBN also frequently showcases the positive work that other organisations are undertaking towards creating sustainable, carbon neutral built environments.

Visit the Adelaide Sustainable Building Network website.