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100% Renewables for SA

100% Renewables for SA’s core goal is for SA to become 100% powered by renewable energy.

Why 100% Renewables for SA is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Carbon Neutral Adelaide aligns with 100% Renewables for SA’s core goal of SA becoming 100% powered by renewable energy.

100% Renewables for SA is involved because making the City of Adelaide carbon neutral needs many organisations and individuals to work together.

What 100% Renewables for SA is doing to reduce carbon emissions

100% Renewables for SA runs a Facebook page as a forum for the community to share news, promote activities and foster discussion about how everyone can help South Australia (SA) become powered 100% by renewable energy. 

The Facebook page has over 2,100 members and was set up after the release of Conservation SA’s ‘100% Renewable Electricity for South Australia Report’. This report analysed how SA can cost-effectively become 100% renewable by as soon as 2030 using a mix of solar, wind and biogas turbines supplemented by storage. SA is on track to meet this, with recent analysis by Deutsche Bank showing that SA is expected to be 95% powered by renewables for electricity by 2027.

The forum is also focused on SA’s second biggest creator of carbon – transport - presenting information and initiating discussions on how to convert transportation from fossil fuels to electricity sourced from SA’s renewable energy power grid. 

Visit 100% Renewables for SA’s website.