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Sustainable Home Webinar Videos

With thanks to Resilient East, AdaptWest, Resilient South, and Resilient Hills and Coasts for this series of free webinars covering a range of sustainability and climate ready homes topics. New live sessions are running from July to September 2023, see how to register.

Electric vehicles (EVs)

This webinar delves into electric vehicles, what sort of home setup is required, and things to look out for when thinking about buying one.

Winter Comfort for Renters

Ways to make your rental home more comfortable and cheaper to run. This session looks at energy saving measures to help you reduce your energy bills, with tips on reading your bills and understanding your usage. It also discusses strategies for approaching your landlord for appliance upgrades.

Winter Comfort at Home

Exploring ways homeowners can improve the comfort and efficiency of their home, and which steps to take to save money and stay warmer in winter. The session unpacks energy saving measures and helps you take control of your bills, with tips on reading your bill and understanding your usage.

Buying Green Power

GreenPower is the government accredited renewable energy product offered by most electricity retailers to households and businesses in Australia. But what actually is GreenPower, and does it live up to its name?

All-Electric Homes

Going all-electric is an essential step in making your home as sustainable as it can be. This session details how and when to transition away from gas, offer tips on creating an efficient all-electric home and outline the benefits, environmentally and economically.

Solar and Batteries

It can be confusing to know what solar setup will suit your home and your lifestyle. This webinar discusses what may be right for you, as well as what pitfalls to avoid.

Got solar, new to batteries

If you already have rooftop solar and are considering home battery storage, then this webinar is for you. Find out if the return on investment stacks up.