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Local efficiency offers for summer

20 December 2023

New: Home efficiency health check

City of Adelaide has teamed up with Home Efficiency Australia to support a free digital home 'health check.’ Find out how to make improvements to your electricity use and keep cooler over summer.

Tailored to your home, you could receive $100 towards an air-con upgrade, a discount on insulation, solar and battery storage, or a hot water heat pump for $500 - $990*!

For residents in City of Adelaide (post code 5000 and 5006), you can complete the Summer Home Health Check and receive some great discounts to upgrade your home energy efficiency.

The steps are:
✔️ Locate your address
✔️ Complete the assessment online
✔️ Find out what you’re eligible for

*Special offers are limited

Who is Home Efficiency Australia?

Home Efficiency Australia helps homeowners improve their home's energy efficiency. Our goal is to help you reduce energy costs, increase your property value, and lower your carbon footprint. This platform is powered by Val.Ai, a technology start-up that provides software solutions and residential climate data.

About the offers

If you wish to use the home efficiency health check, you are not under any obligation to make purchases. You will get access to some specific offers, and you are also able to approach any other providers for quotes.

Video explainer - about the REPS scheme

In South Australia, the REPS scheme provides upfront discounts for more efficient heating and cooling, hot water, insulation and some lighting upgrades. Customers can access offers through activity providers operating under the scheme rules. That’s how one company can offer a very discounted heat pump in this promotional program.

The video from SA Power Networks below explains what REPS is and how it works.


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