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ZEN Energy

Level 2, TAFE SA Building, 1284 South Road, Tonsley 5042

    Service Category:

  • Energy systems and solutions
  • Engineering services
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
ZEN Energy provide solar and energy storage solutions to homes, businesses, communities, townships and councils across Australia.

Why ZEN Energy is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

ZEN Energy are immensely proud to support the efforts of Carbon Neutral Adelaide in ensuring that the City of Adelaide becomes the world’s first carbon neutral city. The goals of Carbon Neutral Adelaide align with ZEN Energy’s mission to enable households, businesses and entire communities to be genuinely self-powered with cutting-edge technology backed by vast storage capacity.

Renewable energy delivered 24/7 via localised community power networks or directly into a property creates energy that is affordable, clean, and the ownership rests with the customer. ZEN Energy provide and will continue to provide end to end solutions that deliver renewable energy generation through new and reformed power networks, both in the City of Adelaide and across Australia. Their solutions harness the latest in energy storage technology, with a future capacity to retail energy direct to consumers, commercial businesses, communities, townships and councils.

What ZEN Energy is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Since their beginnings in 2004, ZEN Energy have provided solar and energy storage solutions to homes, businesses, communities, townships and councils across Australia. These solutions provide Australians with the ability not only to save money on their electricity bills, but also to live sustainably and be independent by reducing their carbon emissions and using clean renewable energy for their needs in lieu of grid electricity. The products and services that ZEN Energy provide enable energy users to reduce their carbon footprint, and ZEN Energy have demonstrated experience in ensuring that their products are world-class and market leading including:

  • the ZEN Freedom PowerBank - ZEN’s own Australian designed and built off-grid energy storage product which has helped people say goodbye to their energy retailers in the suburbs, helped others build their dream home on pristine land off the energy grid, and helped rural and remote properties from the Kimberleys to the Flinders Ranges and beyond upgrade their energy needs to world leading technology
  • the South Australian State Government Storage Demonstration Project - a demonstration project of market leading behind-the-meter energy storage on four high profile commercial buildings in conjunction with the Government of South Australia and the City of Adelaide. The project is believed to be a world first and includes over 500kWhs of energy storage across the State Library of South Australia, the South Australian Art Gallery, the Adelaide High School and the City of Adelaide Public Works Depot. The project demonstrated the ability to provide energy storage at a commercial level and the benefits that come from such technology including greenhouse gas emission reductions and a path to carbon neutrality.

The name ZEN represents “Zero ENergy” and embodies their aim to provide the best possible balance between energy generation and demand. They are leading the way in Australia’s energy transformation.

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