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Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network

72 King William Road, North Adelaide 5006

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Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) is committed to the health and welfare of both mothers and children/young adults in South Australia.

Why Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The inception of the Environmental Stewardship committee at Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) with a membership of both clinical, administrative staff in addition to consumers is testament to the commitment of the organisation from the Board to the workforce to a sustainability focus.

WCHN are seeking to review their service position within the existing hospital site, with a focus on sustainability and effecting change where possible, which will provide WCHN with the correct sustainability culture as they move towards the new hospital and as a state-wide provider of community services.

What Women’s and Children’s Hospital Network is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Women’s and Children’s Health Network (WCHN) has reviewed current service delivery practice from the perspective of their workforce and their customers.

The Womens and Childrens was the first SA hospital to remove the anaesthetic gas Desflurane from use due to its high carbon footprint and provide other gases with a lower footprint. WCHN is also reviewing the use of Nitrous Oxide in labour, looking to capture gas that is used during labour through scavenging systems and reducing leaks through infrastructure maintenance. They are also transitioning to all electrical renewable power use to replace gas, as heating and cooling the hospital is the largest energy cost.

Within their Divisions, WCHN have undertaken local projects to increase alternative pathways for waste and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. Recycling face masks at the entrances to the hospital has been the most successful and involves both staff and customers where used masks are redirected to alternative fuel sources rather than landfill.

WCHN have partnered with suppliers to reduce high quality PVC used in oxygen lines and feeding tubes etc, diverting from medical waste instead of incineration and have recently instigated a PVC recycling program for children on feeding sets and oxygen in the home in partnership with their consumers.

They are continuing to identify sustainable strategies within their health service that will prevent the waste being created or recycled/repurposed to reduce their environmental impact. The implementation of technology within WCHN will further reduce waste including implementation of electronic medical records.

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