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Warwick O'Brien Architects

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  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
  • Building and civic products
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
Warwick O’Brien Architects are committed to sustainable residential design and building that create comfortable living environments and minimise energy use.

Why Warwick O'Brien Architects is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

South Australia has taken a lead position in the production of clean energy in Australia. In aspiring to be the world’s first carbon neutral city, Adelaide is further cementing its position as an exemplar to Australia and the world in the role cities must play in slowing global warming. Warwick O’Brien Architects fully supports this initiative and believes that as more partners come on board the greater the uptake of climate action will be in the broader community.

What Warwick O'Brien Architects is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Since 1995 Warwick O’Brien Architects has been committed to sustainable residential design and building, with numerous new house and additions designed for clients on solar passive principles that create comfortable living environments and minimise energy use. Warwick O’Brien Architects has received awards for a number of projects and some house owners have participated in Sustainable House Day where the public can experience the ambience of solar passive house design and interact with the owners.

Part of Warwick O’Brien Architects’ mission statement is to inform the public about the importance and critical need to holistically embrace the principles of sustainability in building, which will not only significantly reduce carbon emissions but also contribute to healthy living. To that end Warwick O’Brien Architects has participated in public seminars and forums in order to generate public awareness. Warwick O’Brien Architects also take in architectural students and graduates to expand their knowledge and experience in the creation of sustainable environments in the future.

Living and working in the City of Adelaide also means Warwick O’Brien Architects’ ecological footprint can be minimised by being able to walk and ride to many business activities.

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