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UEA is a strong advocate for low impact urban lifestyles, whose award-winning Christie Walk ecological housing development is an exemplar of an ecologically sustainable community.

Why Urban Ecology Australia is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Urban Ecology Australia’s (UEA) vision is the transformation of conventional cities into vibrant, equitable, socially supportive, ecologically sustaining and economically viable communities. UEA believes these ecological cities can embrace natural systems in urban environments, efficiently and consciously utilise resources, re-use and recycle materials, and use technology to improve liveability.

An example of this vision is UEA’s conception and design of the internationally recognised Christie Walk inner city ecological co-housing development on Sturt Street in Adelaide’s CBD. UEA’s vision encompasses the Carbon Neutral Adelaide ambition.

What Urban Ecology Australia is doing to reduce carbon emissions

UEA’s purpose is to demonstrate and promote a more sustainable approach to the way people live. To achieve this, UEA educates students and the community about transforming the built environment and alternative lifestyle practices, lobbies government for sustainable living solutions, and undertakes research through strategic alliances with universities.

UEA is a strong advocate for low impact lifestyles within an urban environment. UEA conceived and designed the flagship Christie Walk eco-city as a tangible example of what is possible when good urban design is applied to the challenge of housing people in medium density housing. Transport, energy, water and waste were carefully considered within Christie Walk, minimising the environmental impact and therefore emissions of residents. By creating this large-scale co-housing precinct within the CBD, UEA is practising ecological stewardship and educating future generations.

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