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The Culshaw Group of Companies

Level 1 / 26 Flinders Street, Adelaide 5000

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  • Architecture, design, landscaping, construction
  • Real estate and property
The Culshaw Group of Companies incorporates Majestic Hotels, a South Australian owned and operated portfolio of accommodation hotels across the state.

Why The Culshaw Group of Companies is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

The Culshaw Group of Companies believes that Carbon Neutral Adelaide is a long awaited initiative because of the risk of climate change impacts. This initiative brings the community together at a local level to create a focus on carbon reduction, to support and learn from each other and to become part of a newer and smarter world.

What The Culshaw Group of Companies is doing to reduce carbon emissions

The Culshaw Group of Companies incorporates Majestic Hotels, a South Australian owned and operated portfolio of accommodation hotels across the state.

The Group developed Halifax Adelaide, an energy efficient residential development of some 250 residences in the centre of Adelaide, in 2001 at a time when there were no energy ratings for houses in SA. Adopting a modified version of what was being developed elsewhere, the learning curve was very steep and the result worthwhile. The Group built the first lifted multi-level timber framed apartment building in Adelaide in 2004, demonstrating how renewable materials could be utilised to create low embodied energy buildings. The construction of Lumiere, a large apartment building in the City followed in 2006 and showcased a large naturally lit internal courtyard, solar hot water and solar photovoltaic boosted lighting all aimed at energy reduction.

Currently the Group is engaged in full level 2 energy audits for all properties to fully understand energy usage and to implement a range of measures to reduce consumption. With a current power bill in excess of one million dollars each year, investment in power factor correction, LED lighting, new technology switching and solar panel installations will have very short pay back periods.

Building management, air-conditioning and chiller systems are also being investigated to find further reductions in energy use. The Group’s experience in business is that being more independent in all aspects, including energy costs, increases the chance of long term success.

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