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Ride Transportation Solutions

2/12 Percy Court, Adelaide SA 5000,

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  • Transport solutions
Ride provides low-carbon transport options via electric scooters and partners with an electric cargo bike company for lower-impact collection and distribution.

Why Ride Transportation Solutions is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Ride is dedicated to providing South Australians with a carbon neutral mobility solution. The company believes a key to building modern cities is reducing carbon emissions from all parts of our lives. The world is facing an unprecedented environmental challenge. If everyone can make small changes to reduce their carbon footprint it soon adds up. Ride feels businesses need to lead and are proud to be associated with Carbon Neutral Adelaide to help make it a reality. The company has direct contact with thousands of consumers each week in the CBD and can spread the messages of an aspiration for the City of Adelaide to become carbon neutral and help educate South Australians on the role they can have in a low-emissions future.

What Ride Transportation Solutions is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Ride provides a low-carbon transport alternative that is affordable and efficient. Electric scooters can be quicker and more efficient on short trips around the city than cars. We have all seen cities around the world that are alive and buzzing and, in most cases, what makes this possible is that people are not just passing through in cars. Both the electric scooter’s operation and the collection of them by Eco Caddy are low carbon solutions. Ride was the first company in the world to introduce a system of scooter pick-ups by low carbon bikes. This has reduced the companies carbon footprint already, and they hope to increase it dramatically over the coming years to help transition the City of Adelaide to a carbon neutral city.

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