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40-44 Glen Osmond Road, Parkside 5063

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  • Technology, IT and Audiovisual
Ricoh Australia is the first technology services-based organisation in Australia to be carbon neutral certified. A focus is the development of technologies that minimise the environmental impacts of products at every stage of the lifecycle.

Why Ricoh Australia is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Ricoh recognises that carbon reduction is essential to the planet's wellbeing. Since establishing operations in Australia 50 years ago, Ricoh Australia has aimed to be an environmentally responsible company.

Working closely with clients, Ricoh has consistently searched for ways to reduce consumption and improve the efficiency of both operations and products. With a sustainability strategy directly linked to the company strategy, Ricoh has a goal of maintaining a leadership position in sustainability, leading by example and inspiring interested parties to do the same.

As part of this goal, Ricoh was the first technology services-based organisation in Australia to become carbon neutral, becoming a carboNZero certified organisation in April 2013. Ricoh also partners with others, sharing knowledge, experience and offering a carbon neutral printing service.

Ricoh is committed to partnering with Carbon Neutral Adelaide and all interested parties to help protect the planet.

What Ricoh Australia is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Ricoh Australia contributes to a sustainable society by developing technologies that minimise the environmental impacts of products at every stage of the life cycle. Ricoh’s carboNZero certification is achieved through Enviro-mark Solutions who verify that Ricoh accurately measures greenhouse gas emissions and put in place strategies to manage, reduce, and offset emissions, both for the business and for selected Ricoh products in customers’ environments.

Further, Ricoh invites customers to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated by devices for scanning, printing and faxing.

Action to reduce environmental impacts includes prolonging the life of products through reuse or recycling of end-of-life material into a feed stream for new products. To achieve this, Ricoh has pioneered programs that set industry benchmarks for sustainability and which includes a waste management program and the recycling of end-of-life machines, parts and consumables which has achieved up to a 98% resource recovery rate, also the release of the Ricoh GreenLine series of refurbished equipment.

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