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Resonant Solutions

    Service Category:

  • Energy systems and solutions
  • Engineering services
  • Sustainability and carbon consultancy
Adelaide-based consultant and advisory services across energy, engineering and governance, with a core focus on efficient, sustainable systems.

Why Resonant Solutions is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Resonant Solutions concern is that climate change is possibly the biggest existential threat to humanity through increased heat waves, floods, sea level rise, ocean salinity, biodiversity loss.

Resonant Solutions supports Carbon Neutral Adelaide’s leadership in addressing greenhouse gas emissions locally that is encouraging others to follow and that demonstrates that everyone’s actions can collectively contribute to substantial carbon reductions.

Resonant Solutions supports addressing our economic system that presently encourages consumption and short term economic gain at the expense of long term prosperity for all.

What Resonant Solutions is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Resonant Solutions has developed wiseGRIDS – a system to determine the optimal mix of energy options – whether remote power, microgrids, distributed generation or grid scale generation.

In the energy sector, Resonant has worked on wind, solar thermal, solar PV, tidal, wave, hydro power, and storage options, demand response, energy efficiency, waste recovery projects.

Resonant Solutions is active in policy, energy efficiency, renewable energy, promoting sustainability and waste recycling. The company takes a holistic approach to sustainability and promotes whole of life analysis.

Resonant Solutions has contributed to the development of Engineers Australia’s climate and sustainability policies and its Principles and Practice Guideline.

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