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6 Stanbel Road, Salisbury Plain

    Service Category:

  • Building and civic products
  • Waste solutions and circular economy
The Precycle system sorts building material on buildings sites to reduce waste materials and waste costs for each site, which minimises landfill, reduces site hazards, and CO2 emissions.

Why Precycle is supporting Carbon Neutral Adelaide

Precycle believes Adelaide, South Australia can strive to increase landfill diversion and create a more circular solution for the construction and resource industries. The company aims to be a big part of a city that leads the way, and actively promotes the effectiveness of waste management in the construction industry. The first of its kind in South Australia, Precycle’s resource management on construction sites offers an efficient and reliable way to recycle materials that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

What Precycle is doing to reduce carbon emissions

Through its six-stage process over the course of a build, Precycle sorts materials that can be recycled or repurposed at their source before it becomes contaminated, leading to a higher proportion of recovered materials than the current models. The Precycle system reduces waste materials and waste costs for each building site, which minimises landfill, reduces site hazards, and CO2 emissions. The Precycle service also includes regular maintenance and upkeep of construction sites which reduces hazards, increases safety, and maintains cleanliness. A case study developed with Green Industries South Australia estimates that for every ten houses that undergo the Precycle process, there is:

  • avoided greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to taking 4.6 cars off the road for a year
  • electricity consumption savings equivalent to 5.1 households for a year,
  • water consumption savings equivalent to 0.32 households for a year.

These savings are significant given an estimated 8,200 new houses were built in South Australia in 2017/18.

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